New season under way at Benalla Squash Club – Shepparton News


Squash dynasty: The three generations at the Benalla Squash Club: Dee Manning, Ryder Levy and Gary Manning.

The new season of the Benalla Squash Club started last week with almost as many players as last season; some took a break, some past players came back and we also got some new players.

There is no generation gap at the Benalla Squash Club with three generations of the “Manning Dynasty” all playing in Section 2 this season.

Father, daughter and grandson are all in at the same time this season, fortunately not at the same level so that any have to play each other, so the family harmony can remain …… for now!

This likely to change as young Ryder improves and works his way up through the ranks.

Stay tuned for when one day we put in a story about Ryder beating Grandpa!

Three out of the four matches last week were nail biters, one in Section 1 that went down to games with only one game the difference.

Two close ones in Section 2, with one match going down to games with only one game between them.

The closest match was the one that also had an even number of games and went down to points, with only three points between the teams in the end.

Here are the results of Round 1 of the Autumn season competition:

Section 1:

Dr Stuart Jones Dentist Team defeated Barkly Street Vets Team, 2 rubbers each, 7 games to 6: Stuart Jones lost to Greg Murphy 1/3, Shane Richardson defeated Chris McNair 3/0, Paul O’Brien defeated Treena McNair 3/0 and Liam Thivillier-Lefebvre lost to Bechy Pastuszka 0/3.

Benalla Bobcat Team defeated Caslek Computing and Cabling Team 3 rubbers to 1: Wally Pastuszka defeated Gerard Vitti 3/1, Adam Saddler lost to Rod Firmer 1/3, Andrew Ham defeated Tim Leenen 3/0 and Daniel Scott defeated Josh McNair 3/1.

Section 2:

Stuart Green Plumbing Team defeated HP Excavations Team 2 rubbers each, 7 games each 91 points to 88 points: Liam Margat defeated Gerry Margat 3/1, Tiffany Levesque lost to Jye Pastuszka 0/3, Damien Gilbert defeated Anakin Pastuszka 3/0 and Sally Doody (fill-in) lost to Addison Pastuszka 1/3.

Hollywoods Pizza Team defeated Smith Dosser Accountants Team 2 rubbers each, 8 games to 7: Ray Moulday lost to Gary Manning 2/3, Ben Flynn defeated Dee Manning 3/1, Ryder Levy lost to Kyle Margat 0/3 and Lucas Ham defeated Alex Briggs 3/0.

The junior’s session is still on but changed its time slot to 4pm to 5pm on Sundays. Give Vicki a call on 0439 822 207 if you or your friends would like to be involved.

Look for Benalla Squash Club on Facebook. Let us know if you want to join in.