Iranian Hulk squashes orange in cringe message to boxing rival Martyn Ford – Irish Mirror


The Iranian Hulk – real name Sajad Gharibi – has sent a threat to Martyn Ford by squashing an orange in a cringeworthy video.

Ford and Gharibi will fight The O2 arena on April 2 as the pair look to end their rivalry by both stepping into the boxing ring for the first time.

The pair have traded words for several years over a potential fight, with Ford even signing for Polish MMA promotion KSW in 2018 to set up the clash.

Four years later and the heavyweight giants will now meet in what is being dubbed as “the heaviest boxing match in history”.

And Gharibi sent a message to Ford in a recent video whilst signing off by crushing an orange with one hand.

“Martyn Ford, continue to insult [me] as much as you want. To play clown, to disrespect,” Gharibi said in a video uploaded by Muscle and Health mag.

“But I promise you they will take you out of the ring on a stretcher. You will have no chance, no chance against me.”

Their fight, which will be four two-minute rounds and has been sanctioned by the Professional Boxing Association, will take place at a Boxstar Celebrity Boxing event.

Former football players such as Patrice Evra and Jamie O’Hara will feature on the undercard, with many of their opponents yet to be revealed.

Ford has been training for five hours a day ahead of the fight and has also sparred with veteran kickboxing champion Rico Verhoeven during his preparations.

Little is known about how Gharibi is training for the bout, but Ford labelled a comical video of him challenging four men at once as ” embarrassing “.

Who will win when Martyn Ford takes on the Iranian Hulk? Let us know in the comments section below

And the Brit has vowed to make his rival Gharibi pay for his pre-fight trash talk when they meet in the ring.

“I just want to smash his head in, It won’t give me any sense of achievement or pride to win, because I genuinely don’t think he will bring anything to the table that will allow me to be proud of myself,” he said.

“You can’t feel good about beating someone up that is useless. For me this is about settling some nonsense that has gone backwards and forwards for two or three years.

“I am not someone who takes trolling to heart, but there is a point where he has just gone to things that are disgusting and rude. If you want to step in to the ring, I’ll step up and I have never been afraid of confrontation.”

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