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Lauren Graham took to Twitter to shut down any potential new information regarding a possible reboot of the hit series that catapulted the star.

Gilmore Girls followed Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) and their busy lives in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Lorelai owns an inn with her best friend, Suki (Melissa McCarthy) and Rory was a smart student that graduated from a prestigious high school to attend Yale, where she worked toward an English degree.

The series captured real-life issues involving teens and adults that many still find relatable. The show began in 2000 and was successful through the series finale in 2007. The comedy-drama series returned in 2016 for a reboot on Netflix called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and received over 5.9 million viewers in the first three days.

On February 22nd, the actress quote retweeted a GIF of Lorelai and Luke (Scott Patterson) during a scene from the show. Graham’s single-emoji tweet reached over 22,000 likes in mere hours. The tweet left fans questioning if she was hinting at another possible reboot of the beloved series.

“do you have any news to give us?” @gilmoreslauren wrote.

“Are you hinting something here Lauren or just teasing us?!” @crazyGGlady replied.

@laurensaddie said, “lauren helen graham please tell us what you know,”

In a tweet posted hours later, Graham took notice to all the GG love.

“Sweet Peoples: sorry for any confusion. I retweeted that clip because I thought it was fun but I have nothing @GilmoreGirls-related to announce except that I continue to be bad at the internet and I continue to love you all.”

Fans were saddened at the tweet, but showed their love anyway.

“No need to say sorry. I’m disappointed it’s not happening, but will forever be grateful for the episodes we do have. Thanks for your honesty,” @KellyLovesMusic wrote.

@paulsongilmore said, “did we freak out? yes, a little bit. but it’s fine we just love you and gg so much and we can’t help but hope for something new.”

On other social media platforms, fans expressed their love for the early 2000’s tv show.

“gilmore girls is THE comfort show like nobody’s doing it like them,” @lorelaigilmqre tweeted, gaining over 13,000 likes.

“If I enter Heaven and it’s not the town of Stars Hollow, I’m leaving,” @shayna18 replied to the popular tweet.

“‘do you wanna watch gilmore girls?’ is a love language actually,” @lloreIai wrote.

@etherealmariano said, “not sorry for the person i become if they announce a gilmore girls reboot.”

Netflix has not announced any plans to revive the rebooted series again.

Actress Lauren Graham took to social media to apologize to fans after they thought her recent tweet was a hint at another possible reboot of the beloved TV series, ‘Gilmore Girls.’
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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