After Life’s Ricky Gervais shares inspiration behind gruesome squash scene ‘Three pints!’ – Daily Express


Ricky Gervais’ latest comedy project officially came to an end on Netflix after three seasons last month. After Life has finally capped off the story of Tony Johnson, and the show’s lead star has admitted many of the best moments were inspired by real events from his past.

The sequence in which Tony throws up on the squash court was actually inspired by a similar incident from Ricky’s younger years.

In a new series of chats with the cast for YouTube channel Still Watching Netflix, Ricky recalled some of his favourite moments from After Life’s three seasons.

Unfortunately, his co-star Tom Basden, who plays his brother-in-law Matt, wasn’t having quite as much fun on set during their squash game.

He recalled: “When we were playing squash there was a point where, I think, we weren’t really acting.”

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“Because you were beating me, I was getting wound up about you beating me, and then you were winding me up even more.”

Ricky laughed and added: “It all goes in. There’s a lot of me in Tony. The need to win.”

In season three, Matt challenges Tony to a game of squash after growing increasingly frustrated with being beaten by his brother-in-law in practically every sport.

Tony brazenly decides to have a pint of beer during the match and still manages to handily win all of their rallies.

“I had had three pints and I was ‘eurgh’ like that. And I was playing, and all the foam and that…”

Thankfully, Ricky didn’t actually throw up on the court, but he made sure to avoid the booze the next time he picked up a squash racket.

Meanwhile, co-star Tom admitted he was equally disgusted by the scene as After Life’s legion of fans.

He explained: “I remember reading that in the script that you were having a pint before squash, and thinking ‘well that’s insane. No one would do that’.”